Women’s Softball, Excitement and Bikinis

I am not a big fan of female sports.  When I watch women play sports, it reminds me of watching paint dry, without the excitement. When I describe women sports to others I liken it to watching untalented men play sports underwater.  It is so slow and uninteresting.  I can only think of one sport involving women that I enjoy, beach volleyball.  I’m not sure why.


Competition excites me.

 Anyway, I understand that this may be an unpopular opinion, and I don’t care.  Fortunately, I often find joy in the misfortune of others.  In fact, that is the driving force behind this blog.  Otherwise, I may have never found this gem

Women’s softball, otherwise known as a non-medicated cure for insomnia, is where we find our latest subject. Bailey Hemphill of the Alabama Crimson Tide, hits a huge that clears the wall by an entire foot.  Her entire team is so amazed by this power display they don’t even notice.

I get it, there’s a lot to remember after you hit the ball: run, touch four white objects.  It’s a miracle anyone ever scores a run.

I still won’t be watching female sports and I’m not sorry about it.