Steve Lyons: Caught With His Pants Down.

“In all the years of major league baseball, no one, it seems, had ever dropped his drawers on the field. Not Wally Moon. Not Blue Moon Odom. Not even Heinie Manush. Lyons was the first.”
– E.M. Swift

I had this recurring dream.  I would wake up, brush my teeth, wash my armpits, you know– the usual morning routine.  Suddenly, I felt I was running late.  I ran out the door and wound up at school.  Upon my arrival, I realized I had forgotten one important thing…pants.

Meet Steve Lyons- a mediocre journeyman major league baseball player, whose peculiar habits and outbursts earned him one of the all-time-great nicknames, “psycho“.

Lyons lays a bunt down the first base side, and hustles down the line.  He dives head first into the bag, Lyons’ signature move, and beats the throw.  Now, dirt has a way of finding its way into some uncomfortable places.  In an attempt to evacuate the loose earth from his pants,  loosens his belt and subsequently drops his pants with reckless disregard for the thousands in attendance.  

This gaffe earned him the new moniker of “Moon Man“.  

“It’s nice to be remembered for something.”
– Steve Lyons


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